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Oct 13, 2012 4:30pm PDT
... and i need you to tsb. >> then, another kid said, join us to bring cb down because you know the tfbs stick together. and then they said are you getting it now? like lose the yellow life and do it right and choose who you want to mess with. got nothing to say now. my daughter said that you are obviously not going to believe what i say even though it is the truth. good night. >> is that two minutes? >> oh, my god, it was funny because everyone kept on saying, cv at the bon fire. lol that... was funny at the bon fire when charlotte was behind us and we were like cb, cb hater ha, ha, ha, that white... >> i bet that they thought, that meant me that they were stupid but little do they know that our minds can defend ourselves unlike a person pail person, cb makes us go to court i will be so... mad and after we are done. >> thank you. >> any comments from the board in regards to this particular resolution? >> thank you, for... >> commissioner fewer? >> thanks. i have a question about student family community support department and do they already distribute lessons and posters and those kind
Oct 9, 2012 7:00pm PDT
, and lots ofçdáu money, and lots of energy. i think rossçkcb tried to save s [53&unity, from accepting this and say, you know, he'sa/> president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good evening. thank you for this opportunity. my name is oscar james, i'm a native resident of bayview hunters point born and raised there. i've been voting since 1966. i'm a property owner. i'm also if you would say a domestic violent person, if ross is a domestic violent person, i once grabbed my wife's arm when we were on our honeymoon like you are now. i've been married 46 years. three years into my marriage, me and my wife got into a argument. i grabbed her arm and i found out sh
Oct 12, 2012 9:00am PDT
the professional competition. the winner was scottie -- from cbs local media. the proceeds for the amateurs go to a charity of their choosing. and then we moved onto the professional round. we had seven competitors for the title of world champion bellringer, jorge -- cindy -- all vying to top the reigning world champion. the first time in 49 years in the competition that after the first round we had a tie, between leonard oates and an upstart, with a cable car division only 10 years after a ring off, the two of them came back to compete mr. whitaker took the title and the bragging rights to be the world champion bellringer for the next year we are honored to have him here today with his wife. maybe he can give us a display of his award-winning talent. >> mr. whitaker? [applause] >> [ off mic ] [ laughter ] [ off mic ] >> it is an honor and privilege -- [ off mic ]. thank you all. my beautiful wife, she was -- [ off mic ] [bell ringing] [bell ringing] [applause] [applause] >> congratulations on behalf of the board of directors. it was great. did not seem nervous to me. >> you can see
Oct 9, 2012 8:00pm PDT
. please reinstate my ]cb sheriffgñcém. >> good evening. my namekael is -- and i'd just like to say a few words on behalf of[i"ol ross mirkarimi -- they're very good friends. i'd like to say just for aúy$nd minute because i know irregardless of you have your own opinion, you're going to do what you want ÷jbo do irregardless. i am not a politician. i don't believe in either 8m9édublican or democratic process because for many most of you are going to do what you can for yourkp comes to justice and when it comes to crimes, theq5,j justice must fit the crime. in this case there is no crime. their only2$ó+ú crime is primarily because you're not respecting the rights of the citizens, the people that havef? mirkarimi to do their service, to dopá they think that he wants them to!#ue do. and when it comes to this type 4 5jñ whatever, i -- of the man, what he says, what he does, whatrzq he's about, because i feel myself to be a man. i talk to his wifeçvvh and she tells moo i love this man and will stand by him that's good enough to1
Oct 9, 2012 10:00pm PDT
and safeguard06jo the integrity of democratic processes and not/cbuu)áu or contort the law that we think best serveswj!or everyone. i will not be voting today to sustain the/ >> president chiu: supervisor:k wiener. >> supervisor wiener: thank you, ú?7t% %9q. >> president chiu: order please. : supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: thank you. this whole process i know has been incredibly%0b= hard for other than --c4í,÷ everyone involved especially being asked to judge a former colleague.4 and i am going to speculate that i don't think any of the 11 of us are goingwxas' to walk out of this room tonight feeling great, no matter what happens, no matter how weóçuon vote. this case has been incredibly messy on many, many levels. andp6f-7ñ will say that you know, in the community, thereÁare people whom i know, and who i respect, who feel very, very strongl$)i on both sides of this issue. and i think that reflects how difficulty this is. tonight, i will be voting to sustain the charges of misconduct in agreement with
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)